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Jhony is a famous professional baseball player. he known as 'Homerun King' because He lead his team to final by his 10 Homerun durring quarter final. A night before Final match, Something strange happend to Jhony. suddenly He dumped in another world, never knowing why and how, only god who know it. In this another world Jhony met a strange soul of baseball ball, He name it Joe. Joe told Jhony that he trapped in 'World between life and death' Jhony relized that he apart from his body. Well he's a soul right now. Joe Told Jhony that he needs to survive as long as he can from the Souls Eater. Joe gift Jhony a baseball bat and said a valuable quote "If you want to die, Die in baseball way!".


A & D                                                      : Rotate Camera
Esc                                                           : Pause
Mouse Left Click (on enemy)   : Attack
Mouse Scroll Wheel                      : Zoom Camera

Install instructions

Extract the zip file, and run the .exe


(Update Version) 13 MB
(Original Version) 13 MB

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